"peace does not 
mean to be in a place
where there is no noise trouble
or hard work. Peace means to be in t
he midst of all those things and still b
e calm in your heart.That is the real meaning 
of peace", Chinmayananda. I follow the flow of
inspiration from my environment - natural and urban
as an observer and as an integral part of it. This v
ision transcends the mundane or normal and can be con 
sidered perceptual rather than conceptual-calm or chaos?
without looking out of the window One can see all
?soahc ro mlac-lautpecnoc naht rehtar lautpecrep deredis
noc eb nac dna lamron ro enadnum eht sdnecsnart noisi 
v sihT .ti fo trap largetni na sa dna revresbo na sa
nabru dna larutan - tnemnorivne ym morf noitaripsni
fo wolf eht wollof I .adnanayamnihC ,"ecaep fo g
ninaem laer eht si tahT. traeh ruoy ni mlac e
b llits dna sgniht esoht lla fo tsdim eh 
t ni eb ot snaem ecaeP .krow drah ro 
elbuort esion on si ereht erehw
calp a ni eb ot naem
ton seod ecaep"